How many PSU do I need?

How much power a system with the following specifications are recommended(With best performance).
I've been using the system for a long time
Thank you
CPU=I7 3770
4*4 1600MHZ ram
Asus P8b75-v
One external hard
H.D.D 500GB
Graphic=intel(integrated CPU)
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  1. 300 W.

    Edit you will want one PSU :lol:
  2. Do you plan to add a graphics card in the future?
  3. Thank you for reply.
    Not yet,But maybe.
    I have 1 Dvb card and front card reader.
  4. If you plan to stick with integrated graphics then the 300W will be fine but I think good GPU's need at least 400W PSU's.
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