AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Bottleneck

Hey, im looking to upgrade my graphics card on this system and will probably have to upgrade my PSU aswell. I currently have:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
PSU: 300W Default PSU

More information about my PC can be viewed here: Info

My current Mobo is this: Mobo

And I cannot upgrade it so I just want to upgrade my GPU and not want a bottleneck. I need you guys to help me find the best GPU that will work with this system and a cheap PSU that I will need to make it work. Thanks.

Also, I want a PSU where I can overclock both my CPU and GPU by a bit if needed.

I live in Canada, so I would prefer if was used, thanks.
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  1. gpu wise, im not to sure but my old 5000+ ran a 9800gt fine not knowing much, i would say maybe a 450ts/550ti/7750/7770.
    not to sure if any of those gpus would cause a major bottleneck but i'd assume not.

    Newegg usually has a rebate on a corsair 430 watt psu that makes it down to $25ish.

    the psu would run my setup of a 6 core and 6770, in sig.
  2. So a 7770 would be the best for this CPU? It would work on 430 watt and leave room for overclocking?
  3. it should, leave room for an oc, if the psu can run my computer with an oc then i think it can a athlon 5600+, i dont expect a oc'd dual core to use more power than an oc'd six core, and a new 7xxx series radeon card uses less power than my 6770.

    im not to sure on the bottleneck and best for ur cpu, but i know that its only around $120 and my guess that it wont bottleneck, maybe try posting in the video card section or wait for one here.
  4. I would go with the Corsair cx500v2, 500 watt if you are going to overclock.
  5. I'd look more into the bottleneck of the athlon with a 7770, read some forums saying that it'd bottleneck a 6850 which is a little better, but prob with an oc like ur doing, prob wouldnt be that bad.
  6. Should I get a 6850 instead since its a 256 bit card and the 7770 is only a 128? Or would my CPU bottleneck the 6850 too much? Also, are these cards compatible with my mobo?
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  8. the 6850 would overall be better but i have no clue as to how bad it'll be for a bottleneck, but yes they are compatible with the motherboard the only issue may be length with a prebuilt hp case, and length from the front of the card to where it mounts to the end of the card and where it reaches the hdd trays.
  9. Alright il post pictures later in the day of my case and maybe you guys can tell me if the cards would even fit.
  10. I don't know if it change but when newegg started shipping to canada you had to pay custom fee.
    If you live in Canada use or
  11. There is a though.
  12. Addsome said:
    Should I get a 6850 instead since its a 256 bit card and the 7770 is only a 128? Or would my CPU bottleneck the 6850 too much? Also, are these cards compatible with my mobo?

    Marginal bottleneck at most, although it will depend on the game.

    I ran a 6850 with a X2-6000 (slightly o/c'd at 3.15 GHz) and in Crysis they were fairly balanced at Med/High settings. Card was running almost flat out.

    Those cards won't work in the mobo though unless there is a BIOS update available. If not you'd need to look at NVidia, the 450/460/550 are all PCI-E 2.0 and so will work in your v1.0 board.
  13. Interesting.. I used to have almost the exact same combination. I went from an Athlon 5600+/9800GTX to an Athlon II 645. My 3DMark 06 score improved by over 20%, and general gameplay was greatly improved, especially on RTS titles. I've since switched to an HD6850, and it has my Athlon II working hard to keep up.

    Conclusion: my 5600+ was bottlenecking the 9800GTX in some titles, so it would have been much worse with the 6850. I suspect the 6580 is a bridge too far for that CPU, but it depends on what you play, the resolution, and the game quality settings. A bit of tweaking to tone down CPU-specific settings such as physics can be a big help.
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