Prebuilt Optiplex 745 SFF upgrade and compatiblity

Just wondering what you guys think about this setup? Would last for a while? I know all these parts are available to fit the sff. See any potenial problems?

Intel Core 2 3.0 Ghz (per core, factory installed CPU)
8Gb Ram(4x2gb 667 mhz memory speed, non-ecc, non-buffered, 512mb x 4 factory)
256gb ssd from Crucial, they claim will fit no problems
AMD 6570 2gb 128-bit gpu
450 Watt psu
OMM 599 motherboard(factory Optiplex 745 i think)
windows 7 64 bit

Based on all the information i have gathered from crucial, AMD, and Intel, and Dell, this should be a compatible setup. But ive been reading here on this site and trust the advice here...What do you guys think?
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  1. Where you getting a 450 watt SFF psu for a Dell ?
  2. went to a Tiger Direct store near my house with my physical factor psu, and they gave me a few options as to direct fits, 350, 400, or 450, ill get model #'s tomorrow
  3. Tigerdirect huh, that ought to be interesting, never heard of anyone having a replacement for 180 watt Dell proprietary SFF psu ( they [TD] don't list any on thier site either )
    4x 2Gb of DDR2 can be rather expensive ( guess that's not a factor if you're interested in a 256Gb SSD ) and isn't forward compatible
    You only have 1 HD bay, if you get an SSD, you'll need a drive bay adapter and have to install it in the floppy bay or lose your HD
    No offence, but the whole idea seems rather silly, you're looking at around $400 or so for hardware to upgrade an outdated Dell
  4. this dell is not the ultra small factory form, its middle of the road. The PSU i have now is 280 watt factory (i thought 450 watt wouldnt be enough)..., i am also using the SSD stand alone(no multiple storage drives), better?
  5. USFF , SFF , Desktop , Mid tower
    Thread title says SFF
    The Desktop also uses an odd shaped Dell psu that TD won't have a 350 or 450 watt repacement for

    Any way you look at it you're going to spend a bunch of cash upgrading old tech

    $590 to build an AMD 3.0Ghz quad with on board Radeon 6550, 8g DDR3 ram , a large storage drive and an SSD [ not quite as large ] with W7

    Head over to the New Build section , they could probably come up with something better for less
  6. sounds good

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