2x GTX560 SLI or 1Gb Asus 6870???

The purpose of getting the graphics card was to display 3 montiors, i was wondering which graphics card would handle my situation better in terms of performance.
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  1. 560SLI>6870.
    for eyefinity gaming go with 560SLi.
  2. I totally agreee with headhunter18, for gaming purpose use 2x560 with nVidia surround but if you just want a three monitors setup for multi-tasking use a single ATI card.

    Good luck ! :)
  3. I hate to say, but unless he's running a 2GB radeon card, the 560SLI is much better like hellfire said. Radeon may put the display in for 3 monitors. But that doesn't justify it will handle all those monitors with 60FPS constant running Max settings and everything. You just can't do it on one card......Unless your running a 2GB card or say a 6970. a 6970 would handle it much better. but the 7870 will be a better option when its out, If you want one card. If you want everything all on one card.....either the 590 or 6990 for Max settings on a high resolution with complete Smoothness....Your gonna need a Dual GPU card for all that.

    Now as for those that are gonna Reply and talk Ish about my post, how about reading it again and think about what i said. I exactly said for Smoothness with Max Settings. And yea he didnt state what game he's gonna play but i still say. Wether its crysis 1 from years ago or Battlefield 3 or Skyrim. Your gonna need a high end card if you want to be able to Max out for a while without upgrading. Plus it just can't be done with 1GB of Vram. You need more Vram than that with 3 monitors running a game. Now just desktop display, simple web browsing its a perfect card, I just like NVIDIA better.
  4. Thanks for your inputs guys i think that ill be playing a few games on there for example batman arkham city, starcraft 2, Dues X etc. Im currently running 2x Benq E2200HD 16:9 Full HD LCD TFT Monitor; 5ms Black; DVI HDMI Speakers 1920x1080, and a single LG Flatron E2050T E50 20" LED Monitor Black. If that helps.
  5. I already have one 560 idk if you knew that already :D
  6. I won't be using 3 monitor WiDe to play games I only really need the monitors connected to help with multi tasking with uni assignments movies other browsers etc. Games I'd be quite happy playing on a single screen and it looks like 2 569's with sli will still give me the res and performance I need whilst achieving my desired goal.
  7. No brainer......get another 560ti and SLI it!
  8. Thanks for all the help guys ;)
  9. solve the thread.
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