Appling artic 5 to CPU??

I am getting a i5 2500K + Cooler Master 212 (Plus) cooler and Arctic 5 paste.

I have been doing some reading and watching videos and everyone does it differently but I am wondering if this will work fine

I plan to put a pee size dot right in the middle and then put CPU cooler on wiggle a few times and screw in.

Let me know if this will work OK or if there is a better way or what way you did it!
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  1. Sounds perfect.
  2. Sounds good to me.
  3. Paul from Newegg always puts somewhere between a grain of rice and a pee size amount of thermal paste down, then just plops the heatsink right on top. I've done the same, and it works perfectly fine for me.
  4. i think one of the hardware sites tested the different methods,

    As long as you put more than a microdot of paste (like size of a period), so it spreads at least to the edge of the chip it works fine within a temperature degree or two.

    They even tried glooping on a lot, and then you get some paste overrunning the edges but it still works within a degree or two too.
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