Screen displays picture bigger than screen in windows 3.11

There's a program we are running on Windows 3.11 for workgroups.
It was working well untill a little while back when it started displaying larger pictures that seem to go outside the screen.
We're using an LCD screen. Starting the screen menu shows Tuning as 680x460 and the resolution on the OS is 800 x 600 16colour. I believe if we managed to change the screen tuning to 800 x 600 it would work well since that's what is happening on a second similar computer running the same program. I do not see any setting to do this though.
We switched monitors and the problem does not go away so it seems it's an OS setting.
I know windows 3.11 is pretty old but this is no ordinary computer. it's used for running a turbine in a power generation company and an upgrade will cost several hundred dollars which won't happen now.
Will appreciate the help
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  1. Try entering your Display settings and doing a "Detect Display". I have seen this on a laptop and after detecting display it reverted back to correct resolution. This happens some times after you connect a TV or wide screen monitor.
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