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Upgrading GPU to prepare for SWTOR.. need help

Hi all! First time poster, but long-time site visitor (esp. the charts section). I've just gotten 3 months off, so I decided to purchase and subscribe to swtor. Now, I also have extra leftover for a new video card. What I have in mind is a GTX 560 (not the Ti, as it goes beyond budget).

What I want to know are the following:
1. Is SWTOR cpu-intensive or gpu-intensive, if gpu-intensive, is a gtx 560 enough to play on high settings (with shadows on low/off)?
2. Is a gtx 560 a good upgrade from a gts 250?
3. I know it will in some way, but will my processor greatly bottleneck my gtx 560 (i.e. am i better off buying a 550?)

Here are my specs:
MOBO: msi nf-520t c35
CPU: athlon ii x3 445 (3.1ghz)
GPU: gts 250 green ed.
Soundcard: audigy value
Monitor: Samsung LED (resolution is 1360x768)
Os: win xp sp3 (upgrading to 7 pro in the distant future when i have a more stable job)


p.s. card suggestions are also valued (not ati though, as my mobo is an nforce) and I won't be upgrading the cpu, so let's work around that one :)
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    FYI - even if your mobo is nforce, and ATI card will still work but you will not be able to SLI/CF. Considering your screen resolution the 560 will do just fine, I also do not foresee your cpu causing any sort of bottleneck.

    PS nice avatar, plo koon (however its spelled) was my favorite in jedi power battles
  2. 560GTX or HD6870 both will do just Fine
  3. Got the card and am now registering my swtor account. Hope it can also play wow and sc2 at ultra settings. Anyway, Plo is my fave character as well and I'm pretty sure he could've survived and held his own in combat if he was not cheapshotted from behind. Thanks again for the replies.
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