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Networking Cards!

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June 7, 2001 6:05:11 PM

I'm in the process of building a system, but the one area I don't know much about are networking cards. What kind of good networking cards are there? Thanks!

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June 7, 2001 7:03:14 PM

I bought myself a pair of cheap $10 NIC over at
Works great for me, no problems at all and just as good a performer as those expensive name-brand cards.

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June 7, 2001 9:55:22 PM

Agree, there is no difference between a cheap one or an expensive one. I have 3Com and Network everywhere. The former cost about $40 and the latter cost about $20. They are the same especially you plan to get a cable modem where 10/100 mbps have plenty of room for your connection.
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June 7, 2001 10:04:14 PM

Agree, insofar as Ethernet is very much a proven and simple technology.

For reliability and driver support, I prefer Intel cards. Rock solid.
June 8, 2001 11:22:33 AM

My question is nearly the same I currently have a DSL connection and just completed building a new pc the old system has a Kingston etherx 111tx this card seems to work very well but after looking there are some like model 120tx not sure what the difference is..... Are they faster?? I get over 1meg download but card wouldnt improve on that would it?? card is cheap to less than $20.

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June 8, 2001 10:55:01 PM

I'd stick with the Kingston that works with your DSL.
AND...I don't beleive all ether cards are the same.

I also have a kingston for my ADSL. And when I tried to use my RealTek, (both cards are 10/100 base T), The realtek would NOT connect to the internet. I've installed the local IPX and internet TCP/IP setting many times....I made NO mistakes in the networking control panel. The dang Realtek simply would'nt connect through my DSL modem...for whatever reason.

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June 9, 2001 5:56:20 PM

Thanx for the input Bud, Just to let you know I got a network card from work an Intel pro installed it in the old machine and it works just fine!! I was kind of surprised but for primary machine I will use the kingston.

If it ain't broke don't fix it