Which Graphics card should i choose

Hi everyone.
I am going to buy a new graphics card (1 gb) plz tell me what i should get.
My system specs are given below . plz see them and tell me the appropriate card.

OS: Windows 7 ultimate
Motherboard: Gigabyte G41M-ES2L
Ram: 3 gb DDR 2
Processor: Intel Dual core @2.6 GHz(E5300).
In built graphics:1 GB( intel X4500).
HDD: 580 GB.
I am not sure about the SMPS watt but will chech soon.
Please tell me which graphics card model i should buy for playing the latest games. I don't know the PCIE version of the pci slots(2.0 or 1.1). If anyone please have any knowledge obut it please help me.
Thanks before hand :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
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  1. The power supply will be an important factor in which card will work in your system , so when you get a chance let us know the model , brand and watts of your psu. Also what your budget amount is.
  2. Yea, whats your power supply?, i hear even NVIDIA is going power conservative with their new video cards
  3. yes, need to know amperage on power supply, what your monitor res/size is and what are you using the card for.

    I hope power conservative doesn't mean cool running.... if it does Hell will surely freeze over.... L:OL........ nvidia never made a card that ran cool did they ?
  4. OK my SMPS is 300 wattz . And i have a crt monitor with 1024 X 768 resolution. i am looking for a graphics card within $200( can increase)
  5. if your psu is too old(i assume that it is old), you can get a new psu like corsair's cx 430 v2 or cx 500 v2, seasonic s12ii 520w psu.
    with the rest of the money, you can get a radeon hd 7750 or radeon hd 6770 for your 1024x764 crt monitor. a little higher can get you a radeon hd 6850. these should be enough for gaming @1024x768.
    or you could save up money and buy a whole new pc later.
  6. Compared to AMD, when comparing both AMD and NVIDIA in the same generation correlating to their number scheme, NVIDIA has never had a cooler running GPU than an AMD GPU, and probably never will.
  7. my cpu cabinet is old , but the rest insde is of 2010
  8. upgrade psu to corsair cx 430 and gpu to 6670, 6750 or 6770. A 6850 is better than all of them. 6850, 6870, etc. could be preferred if u plan to go for high resol. in future, else both will be more than enuf
  9. You should be able to game reasonably well with those specs. However HDD 580Gb. Strange size, your HD must be partitioned?
  10. Kkkk1 said:
    You should be able to game reasonably well with those specs. However HDD 580Gb. Strange size, your HD must be partitioned?

    well i have an old 80 gb HDD and a new 500 gb HDD.
  11. ok, i will get those , by the way my cpu cabinet is old HP model . hope i have no problem getting a new psu installed in it.
  12. is your pc a prebuilt one? if yes, what is the model?
  13. in 2006 i bought this hp compaq model , but in 2010 i changed its mother board , processor and ram to the current specs.so now u can say its insides are different than when it was bought , but the smps is the same old one :P
  14. tbh even installing a new psu would be pointless the system is really old and a 6850/6870 will be bottlenecks by the cpu as a friend of mine has the 6870 on a e6600 @ 3.125ghz and he recives half of the performace i do with the same card.

    if i was you id either get a completely new system of a 7750 as that would work on ur psu :)
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