Need help! new x4 965.vcore and temps

Hi, recently got a computer free.
Mobo: Asus M3A76-CM
Ram : 2x2 ddr2 800mhz
GPU: gts 250
PSU: 600w rebranded Cyberpower psaz-cp600(pretty sure this is causing all my problems)
CPU: Phenom x4 965 BE.

Ok so I just installed my new CPU. However the vcore shot up to 1.50-1.57. Usually at 1.55v. My mobo bios does NOT let me enter my vcore manually. I can only increase, or put to power saving.

Right now my cpu temp is idling ~50. and Core temps ~48-53.
I do have 2 side panel fans, 1 back and 1 front fan. And stock CPU fan.

Not sure why my vcore is so high, could it simply be I need to replace my PSU? Would this solve my problem? Is this the reason everything is running so hot?

Also planning to OC and get a new GPU in the near future.

What are safe temps? I ran Prime95 and instantly my Core temps shot to 60c. Right now I am afraid to test, so here I am asking

In the Asus BIOS, my options are :
Processor Frequency Multiplier : on Auto
Processor Voltage : on Standard
options: standard, +50mv, +100mv, power saving mode
CPU/NB Frequency: Auto
Chipset Overvoltage Auto
options: +50mv, +100mv, +150mv
No option for "manual" to input my own voltage.


PS i have CnQ and C1E disabled and the latest BIOS version. Was thinking about reinstalling win7 as well.
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  1. If your vcore is at 1.55v, that will cause a lot of heat.

    It almost seems like an "auto overclock" gone bad.

    What clock speed are you at with these voltages?
  2. 3.4 MHz stock. Before this I was running a x2 250 OCd to 3.4mhz and the vcore was at 1.424stable . Then after BIOS update and reclock, it averaged at 1.440 which scared me. Just installed my x4 965 and it's now at 1.55v.
  3. If it's intended to be stock anyway, I would consider resetting the BIOS.

    Also max safe temp is ~60C, but most recommend staying 55C or lower under full load.
  4. How do I reset BIOS? I set to defaults already.
  5. eaglesbrah10 said:
    How do I reset BIOS? I set to defaults already.

    If you can't find a reset button or jumper, just pull the power cord out of the power supply, remove the little watch-battery, then reinsert it after about a minute or so, then reconnect the power cord and restart.

    As a temporary band-aid, enable C & Q as well as all the C-states. It should at least lower voltage when it downclocks.
  6. Looks like the problems was the Vcore (it should be around 1.35v for stock).

    as Z1NONLY said, try reset CMOS...

    not familiar with asus bios, there should be some option to set the vcore lower

    edit: err he said reset BIOS ??? (maybe he means to re-install old BIOS)

    to reset CMOS just unplug all power cables (monitor, cpu, etc) and remove the cmos battery for 5 min and reinstall it.
  7. Ok, I was googling and people said it'll require a password? This computer was put together by Cyberpower from the person I got it from so I won't have that info. Any thoughts? Thanks again guys
  8. Resetting the bios with the battery should clear the password.
  9. Just did it, Vcore is at 1.54-1.57 still. Any other ideas?
  10. normal voltage should just at 1.41vcore.

    you mentioned you have processor voltage option,have you tried exploring that??

    also, i previously owned an asus board and in order for you to change that, you have to use the numpad of your keyboard "- , +" buttons.
  11. Al1234 said: have to use the numpad of your keyboard "- , +" buttons.....

  12. I tried that, I can change it no problem. But I can't set to manual or custom voltage. There's only four options I can pick. " Standard,+50mv, +100mv, or power saving mode". Right now I have it on Power Saving and its at 1.48-1.52v. On standard it was showing 1.5-1.55v.

    Odd thing is, it was fine one day sitting at 1.42. Then after a BIOS update so I can install a new cpu, it was still running fine (FPS-wise). Then suddenly FPS won't go above 60-70~ and changing graphics did not make a difference. I checked and it went to 1.488. After I installed the x4 965 last night, it jumped again to 1.5.
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    Well in that case, It maybe the problems with the board design/voltage controller... (will need to ask people with same board if they also had same voltage range)

    u might have to life with it the option now is using better cooler so it would not over heat......

    edit: mine just 1.35 -1.37 v. default/auto
  14. yeah,the problem maybe is with the board design. my 955 at all stock is using only 1.41 maximum and thats already a lot of heat. either you have to live with it or change the board but you can also try downloading "K10 stat" and adjust the voltage from there(you can also OC on it).
  15. I have 965 at stock speed and cooler..
    Using onboard graphics and core temp my idling is 36-38 sometimes 39 web browsing and watching movies.. And im getting 41-47 when playing games, Max is 54-56 if not mistaken..
    I don't know if I'm having the normal temp range for my cpu..
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  17. Might have to reset the bios by taking the battery out for 30sec with the power unplugged from the wall, The 965 stock volts should be around 1.35v or so depending on how cretin board react to voltage drop. To me it sounds like the Mobo once had a Phenom II 6 core in it, my six core would run up to 1.5v for 3.7ghz turbo on 3 cores, and then back down to 1.35v for 3.3ghz on all 6cores. A bios reset wouldn't hurt, but you might need to mess around with the boot settings once you reset the cmos.
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