System Freeze / PSU voltage ranges


I'm getting intermittent freeze of my computer. Not BSOD, but just everything stops until I hit the manual reset button.

Looking through the forums here, the most likely cause would seem to be memory or PSU. I have my ASUS Probe 2 looking at the voltages and get

12.03 - 11.99 for 12V
4.919 for 5V
3.328 for 3.3 V
1.424 for Vcore

I have no idea if these are within spec, and couldn't find a list anywhere.

A8NE motherboard, AMD Athalong 3200+, 2GB DDR PC3200 memory 200 MHz., two HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT (plugged in from a 9600 GT when I thought the graphics might be a problem.) Nothing seems to be running hot, and all fans are running.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. thats fine it normally is +- 0.5v so memory ??? or overheating
  2. Not overheating, but after a couple of days the whole mobo went belly up and wouldn't boot or anything. For a while, wiggling the graphics card made a difference, then not. I suspect that the mobo got toasted or cracked at some point.

    Now have new computer so this thread may as well close.
  3. I keep being auto-pestered for a "Best Answer" -- There is no best answer because, in fact, no one answered my initial question.

    Is there anyone out there who can turn off the auto-pestering function.

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