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My Logitech G500 has been a good mouse but is out of warranty and the scroll wheel is dying. Looking for a replacement. I kinda live in the boonies now(I miss Frys). I have big hands and the mice that I have tried locally(walmart and a small bestbuy) are way to small and or very uncomfortable, i did find a wireless microsoft mouse(cant remember the model#) that fit well but the wireless signal lagged to the point it met its end when it hit the wall on the other side of to room after its last little latency issue. So while I would completely discount wireless(it would be kinda nice) it has to work like a wired mouse. The main game types are RPG(no mmo's though I have a life and those would try to take it away), FPS's and occasionally an RTS. I realize I could just go an buy another G500 but I kinda want to stay away from Logitech(Lost a customer after too many horrible tech support/RMA issues). Those I have been eye balling are the Cyborg Rat 5 and the Corsair M60 oth are about ~$50 but I would consider expanding the budget to ~$100 if the mouse is nice enough. Preferred Stores are Newegg and Amazon. Your advice and suggestions are much appreciated.
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  1. You should look into a Razer Naga or a Razer Hex, they have really nice mice. I also think they have adjustable sizes so it can fit perfectly in your hand, you may have to do some research though.
  2. I'm using a RAT 3 and I think Cyborg RAT models are really nice. the RAT 5 i don't know much about. a friend of my has a RAT 7 and I really like that one. RAT 9 is also a good mouse i think but a RAT 5 or 7 will do, because you can adjust the mouse lengt en width.
  3. you can look into the Feenix Nascita, several people here have said amazing things about it recently
  4. Went with the Feenix Nascita after a bit of research and a very quick email reply from their team about warranty coverage. I'll post back with my initial feelings when it arrives.
  5. i did this research a couple months ago actually. narrowed it down to the mionix naos series as it has been rated pretty high. however, i ended up buying the rat 7 because it looked cool but i think the naos would have been more comfy. theres random pressure points on the rat7
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