I7 920 60C idle and 95 under heavy load, help!

Hello here are my specs.
Motherboad - i have no idea what my mother board is but i know it is a foxconn.

CPU - intel core I7 920 @2.67 cpu

gpu - EVGA 2g gtx 560

RAM - 6gb ddr3 i think

PS - 520 WATT

CASE - Ranger ATX mid tower

fans- 120mm fan exhaust in the back with a 140 mm fan on the top and a 120 mm fan intake from the front.

Side note * I built my computer like 3 weeks ago and i may have been playing guild wars 2 for some time. my computer was overheating but i thought there was no problem... When i put my cpu in my new case, i think i didnt have thermal paste on my heatsink.. maybe my computer is fried by now and this is why i need help. temps - 60C idle and 95C under heavy load such as guild wars 2 :p
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  1. "When i put my cpu in my new case, i think i didnt have thermal paste on my heatsink.." Well this is where I would start, no thermal grease would definitely cause a heat issue.
  2. yea put thermal paste and check your cpu fan make sure all the pins are down in place
  3. You're probably right but i still think my stock heatsink is crap and maybe i should get it replaced? or am i worried for nothing?
  4. my gpu is meant for super overclocking but i didn't even think about doing that. Thanks for all the quick replys!
  5. if the cpu would be fried, the computer would not boot, let alone run windows or games...just remove the heatsink and apply thermal paste...you could also get a cooler master hyper 212 evo
  6. Any heatsink is going to be crap with no thermal grease. The stock heatsink should be just fine as long as you are not overclocking.
  7. Heya there, I'm also using a Corei7-920 like yours with an intel motherboard, before I changed my stock heatsink for a CM X6 Heatsink my idle temp is also around 55-60c

    after I bought the heatsink my idle temp dropped down to 45c which is still hot but it dropped temps

    I also play GW2, and my peak heat reaches at 80c when I play it, I don't know why but my friend who also have a 920 reaches as high as mine, I think it depends on the room temperature and good casing and airflows and where you live(PS I live in a tropical country)

    apply thermal paste and buy a new heatsink just to lower the temp. I don't have any other solution anymore because I will be buying a new one by the end of the year
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