I7 2600k or i7 3rd gen CPU?


I am planning to assemble a new computer this coming months and just want to ask if what CPU to get. Will i get the new 3rd gen i7 or the 2nd gen i7 2600k (or 2500k) is still recommendable. I do mostly graphic design (some of my work include banners for outdoors which can take more than 1gb in file sizes) and gaming on free time.


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  1. Depends on how much you want to spend, the I7 2600K and i5 2500K are still good CPUs, Ivy based CPUs are around 5-10% faster which is not that noticable, you could just wait for the next gen CPUs to come out.

    A 2500K would be enough for graphics design, Adobe's CS6 requires a P4 or Athlon 64 and a 64MB Directx 9 GPU and 3gb RAM for 32-bit . 8GB for 64-bit (recommended).
  2. Ivy based CPUs are around 5-10% faster stock clock vs stock clock when overclocked its debatable which can be better i7 2600k (or 2500k) both are just as relevant imo.
  3. seems the 2600K is easier and better to overclock, if that's something you're focusing on I'd go with that processor, if not go for the newer technology in the 3rd gen I7. To me thats the deciding factor between the two processors is do I really want to overclock and push my CPU.
  4. an Ivy platform is a little more expensive so I would say get the 2600k or get the i5 3570k to cut down on costs.
    The 3570k is a good CPU and about 10% faster than the 2500k. Also get a good z77 mobo to get PCI-e 3.0 support cos that will future proof your pc a bit.
  5. CompUSA has the 2600k on sale for $229.99 for a few more days. (It's an in-store special) If you have one near you, the price makes the choice a no-brainer.
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    I would recommend the I7 2700k costs the same as 2600k but is 100Mhz faster.
    Great and easy overclocking capabilities.

    I do video editing and compositing, I have never been as happy with a CPU.
    The Ivy Bridge generation is not really that Impressive.
    Save the money and buy more RAM ;)
  7. The 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770K would be about 6% faster then a 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2700K at the same speed. So while you may not get high of an overclock speed on the Intel Core i7-3770K as you would from the Intel Core i7-2700K you just about the same performance from it. On top of that you would pick up support for PCI-E 3.0 for future.
  8. If Ivy isn't significantly more expensive when and where you're buying, go with it.
  9. Thank you guys for all the reply and suggestions. I think I'll go for 2600K as Ivy CPUs are expensive. I'll just get a good Z77 motherboard (as per jaideep1337) for future upgrade in case Ivy CPUs get cheaper. And get a lot more ram as Thor44 said :)

    Thanks all!
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