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Game genre effects performance?

Is there a difference in the way that certain genres need to render graphics? Would a first person game differ from a rts? Do certain cards handle certain genres better than others?

I feel like this could be a very stupid question. I can't see how there would be much of a difference, if any, but am curious if there is. I know every game is different, as well as the engines behind those games, which are the biggest contributing factors. Is there a general trend at all?
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    let me make this easy

    Supreme commander vs Call of Duty
    +Lots of little units +flashy gun battles
    +big open land +Tight corridors

    The Cpu will play a larger role in a game like supreme commander (RTS) vs COD (FPS) because of the many units that are all moving around and their AI. COD would rely higher on the GPU because there are more varying textures and vertixs in the character models, where as in an RTS the character models tend to be simpler ( so that many more of them can appear on screen without slowdown)
  2. I just realised how silly my question was...I am le tired.

    I was thinking something along the lines of that, but with a game like Shogun 2, there are a lot of things to be rendered. I know it's a specific game, but I see it being a demanding game, although not close to Crysis.
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