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I bought my PC already built from Dell and planned to upgrade over time. So far I've installed a new GPU (Powercolor Radeon HD 5770) it originally had a Radeon HD 6450 but that wasn't any good for gaming. I've also added 8gb RAM and put it all in a new case because of overheating with the new GPU.

The problem I'm having is that some programs don't see the new video card. One stress testing program in particular is bugging me right now. Everything runs ok but for some reason it lists the original 6450 as the GPU being tested. My Device Manager and most everything else sees the 5770 and doesn't even mention the 6450 but I keep running into a few programs that only see the 6450 that isn't even installed anymore.

One problem I'm having that may or may not be related is that some games I play must be played on lowest settings because anything else causes the card to fail for some reason. Although I'm not sure this is a related issue or not. there any way to completely wipe any history of the 6450 from my PC? Like I said, I am having a few problems with my video card that might be related or might not but if I could at least clear all history of the old card then I would at least know if the issues I'm getting are related to programs not picking up on the new card.
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  1. Uninstall your drivers, reboot, install the latest drivers from AMD.
  2. Ya.....I did that once. Maye I missed something. I'll give it another shot.

    I've never experienced this before and it has me baffled! This site was my last ditch effort to resolve it. Hopefully it'll help.
  3. I've never had issues like this before either, but I've also never tried to upgrade a Dell. I have no idea what kind of garbage they've put on that computer that could be causing the problem.

    It sounds like you're on the right track, though. It is extremely unusual for programs to list an old piece of hardware that's not even connected anymore. If you're out of ideas and aren't against some heavy-duty computer maintenance, I'd reinstall Windows. It's just about guaranteed to fix the problem, and you could use it as an opportunity to try out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
  4. Might do that!

    Question: Is it possible to reinstall Windows 7 from a backup disk but only install the OS and not all the other crap that Dell sends with a new PC?

    I only need/want my programs and games and not the Dell checkup or the free trial of Norton or whatever else they think will make a new PC buyer happy. I would be perfectly happy with only W7, my games, other programs I choose to install....nothing else.
  5. My guess is your program is reading the BIOS which is provided by Dell. OEMs do this sort of thing to keep you coming back to them for upgrades.
  6. ram1009 said:
    My guess is your program is reading the BIOS which is provided by Dell. OEMs do this sort of thing to keep you coming back to them for upgrades.

    OH....that makes sense!

    But that would mean that this issue and the GPU failing issue aren't related, right?

    Also....I'm guessing there would be no way to change it if it's in the BIOS.

    While I see their reasoning for doing something like that from a business really sucks for the consumer. I bought this PC because it was incredibly inexpensive and left plenty of room for upgrading....guess the next upgrade will be a new mobo.
  7. BTW....when I said it was inexpensive I mean I bought it at Best Buy for around $500 because my local store had it priced wrong when it first came in. Now it's $729.

    Oh well.....motherboards aren't really all that expensive and I was planning to eventually get one anyway.
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