AMD Eyefinity - 5 monitors - 2 graphics cards

Hi, i need connect 5 monitors to amd eyefinity. Actually, it may not be Eyefinity, just have those 5 monitors will have one big resolution.
I have 2x AMD HD 5450, 5x monitors with resolution 1024x768, 2x active reduction DP to DVI.
Eyefinity with 3 monitors, on 1 graphics cards ist OK, without problems. But i need to group next 2 monitors.
I need to have resolution: 5120x768.
Graphics cards support crossfire - if it helps.

It's not for games. I need it for my project/application. Concretely i develop 3D app in Visual studio, witn XNA and visual studio detects my 5 monitors like a 5 graphics devices. But i need to visual studio detects one graphics device with the said resolution.

Sorry for my english. If there are any questions, i will explain their.
Thanks for any answer.
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  1. If your need is rendering for 3D rendering, some of the most popular softwares does benefit from nVidia's GPGPU feature, which really would help a lot. So, I would not recommend an AMD lineup for this matter. Select your choice starting from GT560Ti or higher for such task.
  2. But, it's impossible.. :/
  3. I am sorry to say, but HD5450, even by CFX, is not up to the task to deal with 5 displays at once. Even more stressing, they need to render 3D too.

    So, I guess you would need some more serious cash on this.
  4. rush21hit said:
    I am sorry to say, but HD5450, even by CFX, is not up to the task to deal with 5 displays at once. Even more stressing, they need to render 3D too.

    So, I guess you would need some more serious cash on this.

    hes doing APP developing not gaming. he should be alright
  5. cbrunnem said:
    hes doing APP developing not gaming. he should be alright

    But he did said 5 displays. And it's 3D apps. 3 should be fine tho.

    Then again, I could be wrong...

    To topic with the OP's next question. Though your wording is a bit confusing, I must say. I get the impression you're trying to accomplish a single desktop screen by using 5 displays.

    AFAIK, I found some people manage to get it to 6 displays. Most of them, if not all, are using a much higher end cards than yours. They usually use those multi-display settings as one big screen. To achieve this with 5 is theoretically doable. If you have the required dongle. And it should be the same way as you do Eyefinity. 1 card port for 2, the next card for the other 3.
  6. jjferko said:

    In order for this to work, you must run all 5 monitors from the 1st card in crossfireX. You cannot run some monitors from the top and some from the bottom. In CrossfireX, all have to run from the top card. You also must have all but 2 running from Displayports. Those cards have a single displayport, which means you'd have to find a dongle which can daisy chain 3 monitors, but unfortunately I have never seen one.

    You might be required to get a card which has at least 3 DP's and 2 other connections. Something like these:

    It may also be possible, but I have never seen a setup like it, to run 5 monitors on 3 different graphics card without the use of crossfireX, or maybe a mix between a 4 DP card and one additional, not in crossfireX like this card: (the comments on this show some people have done it with 2 of these).
  7. Start here:

    Read the FAQ:
    with AMD Eyefinity technology, if the displays can support the same resolutions then they can also be stitched together into a "single large surface" or "Display Group"

    Note: Monitors connected in a Display Group must be connected to the same graphics card.

    **Keep in mind when it says "up to 6 displays" there are only a FEW cards that actually do support this. The manufacture has to design the card to work that way.

    You MUST:
    1) have all monitors connected to the same card
    2) have a card that supports 5 or 6 monitors at the same time
    3) use the SAME RESOLUTION on each monitor (for a "single" screen)
    4) run VISTA or Windows 7

    ****NOTE that even if you have a 6-monitor graphics card you'll STILL have to wait for new drivers:
    5x1 configurations are currently not supported. AMD is working on support for 5 monitor configurations which we plan to enable through a future AMD Catalyst™ driver update.

    - not yet supported (driver update)
    - recommend an HD7000 card that supports 6-monitors
    - probably want 2GB Video RAM
    - you are going to simply have to look at all the different manufactures because this is a UNIQUE card
    - It's possible that TWO of those monitors have to be DisplayPort (from what I can tell)

    ****READ THIS:
    It's possible that what you are asking isn't yet available, but may be soon. My guess is you want 6-monitors, all using the DVI input? I don't think you can get that yet.

    (I'm confused however. You say 5-monitors of 1024x768. Are these flat panel? Because if they're the old CRT style you'll never get that working for 5 monitors. And if they aren't why only 1024x768? That seems pretty low for a flat panel.)
  8. Thanks all for answers.

    1. Everithnig you wrote about Eyefinity, I know :)
    2. But i try to find way of how to connect it... however solution.
    3. It are flat monitors of course, it aren't CRT monitors.
    4. This app is 3D, but very very primitiveper performance's of cards will suffice for this.
    5. I must use this cards, i cant buy new cards..

    6. So... is it impossible however connect it ? :/
    7. It may not be fully Eyefinity, i just need to visual studio detect one graphics device with resolution 5120x768.
    8. OR.. does anybody know, what code i must write in XNA to group this monitors to one?

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