Budget PSU Upgrade, 12v Single Rail VS Dual Rail

Hi comunity :hello:

I am going to give my CM GX450w to my little brother and I have choose between a couple of PSU.

So I'm at my very last cent I can afford by now...

OCZ ModXstream 600W Modular *Dual Rail*


Cosair Builder Series CX600 *Single Rail*

So, the OCZ PSU is modular, which will help building in my messy CM Elite 430 case. Corsair is well known for making great PSU, so this is my prerogative. Both the same power throughput, both are 80plus, and both have 2 PCI-E that will be perfect when I upgrade my GPU in the near future (getting something about HD7950 or GTX660)

Also I have to add, I am not buying from any US site, Where I live, Venzuela I only have those 2 options to buy... If I could I would get an Antec or Seassonic PSU, but there's not such options here.
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  1. Check out the reviews on Newegg. That should give you some help.
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    Both are good power supplies, and should perform well. I'd personally get the OCZ because it is modular and also because of this review by Gabriel Torres of HardwareSecrets -
    linked to the conclusion page but the whole article is good reading.
  3. Another vote for the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W.
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  5. thank you fellows, I got the OCZ PSU... its kinda heavy which is a good thing, it feels also solid. Very good PSU ! The bad thing to add is that Mobo 24pin and CPU 8pin are too short, even for my Elite 430 which is even smaller than most mid tower cases :/

    The rest, this PSU will be, I guess, plenty for my needs in a long term.

    But well, Im stressing it... if it fails, it must die within the next 30 days >< !

    Again, Thanks :)
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