[New Build] Gaming Build. Need help for mobo and ram

Hi everyone, i need some help with some parts.

Processor: i7 3770k IB

Video Card: Gigabyte geforce gtx 680

Storage: HDD Seagate barracuda 7200rpm
SDD Ssd Crucial M4

case: NZXT Phantom white

Power: Cooler master silent pro m1000w modular

cooling: Corsair h-100 hydro

I need advice on the ram memory and the motherboard. I want a high end ram sticks. For the motherboard, i dont want to spend more than $300. I was looking for a gigabyte or asus mobo

Any help will be much appreciated
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  1. any help?
  2. If it is for gaming, drop down to the i5-3570k. HT doesn't benefit games nor will it for many years.
  3. As azeem40 said, drop down your CPU as you don't need the HyperThreading on the 3770 for gaming.

    As for a good mobo for IB CPU's I'd recommend the Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H. Corsaid Vengance RAM works well with it as will any G. Skill RAM. Just make sure the RAM is 1600mhz, any more and you're paying for performance that you don't need. 8GB should suffice as well.

    I just also noticed you said you're getting a 100W PSU??? For this build you will want 650W+ More if you're planning any form of overclocking. Corsair and Antec both make great PSUs that don't break the bank.
  4. There is no 100W PSU. It is actually 1000W. For one 670, 550W is plenty of power.
  5. I already got the 3770k.
    I really dont know much about computers atm. Stopped at a core2duo and played wow ever since haha.

    I will OC in the future so getting a 850w or more will be my choice.

    For the mothearboard, what about the sabertooth z77? or wait 2 weeks for the asus v formula? I REALLY need advice here.

    Ive been reading a lot about rams and its really confusing me. I want the best ram i can get for $150( a bit more or a bit less). Advice here too

    Iam sorry for my english, iam from peru and live here also. I have $ 2k on my hand but i dont know if its best to wait for the maximus v formula
  6. OCing will still not need a 850W PSU unless you plan to use 2 cards in CF/SLI. 850W is 300W overkill for one card, even with OCing both the GPU and the CPU. You won't need more than 8GB of RAM, which is around $45. I would really distribute the parts evenly. You're putting way more $ than needed into certain parts.
  7. Yeah, thats why i've come here to ask for advice.

    Ill get a 850w for future sli.

    Still need advice on the mobo and ram. Iam really getting confused there.
  8. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GeForce_GTX_670_SLI/23.html
    According to that review, 324W is the most that SLI 670 will draw from the PSU, so even 650W is MORE than enough for SLI.
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