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Installation help.

SO I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 560ti 448 cores and I am having trouble installing it, I feel like My power supply ( doesn't have enough PCIe power. It has one that comes alongside the Main MoBo power and CPU backup power, and one red PCIe cable that is attachable, however when I plug in both and try running a test boot, nothing happens. However when I only insert the one red one, it boots up, however the manual says not only use one of them.
Is my videocard dead or am I doing something wrong, please help.
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  1. Sounds like you are connecting it correctly with both! Does it matter which connector on the card the power is connected to?
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    That PSU's definitely good enough for one 448.
    What do you mean by "nothing happens"? Here's what I'm guessing is going on: the fans are spinning up and the lights are coming on, but the display isn't getting anything because you're leaving the monitor plugged into the motherboard instead of into the graphics card. Try that, with BOTH plugs. When you try with one, the mobo's using integrated graphics.
  3. So my monitor needs to be plugged into the card and not the mobo?
  4. Yes!!
    Just when you said nothing happens what did you mean? Nothing on monitor or nothing happens that is computer dead?
  5. Jeez now I look like a huge idiot, thats what I get trying my first build with no help, sorry guys
  6. Sounds good! (Not the idiot part, the working part :P)
  7. No problem, just try to be better descriptive of your problem if you have to ask again!
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