Amd 2x5970 graphics card 850w power supply enough

hello i have ati 2x5970 amd also have adata 850w power supply it possible to 2x5970=850w power supply?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Offhand I'd say, yes that's enough.
  2. I wouldn't touch those bad boys with anything less than a 1kW supply. They were originally desgined to draw 400W each and then toned down to consume less power.
  3. AMD recommend an 850W PSU for a system with two 5970s.
    Shows a system with an i7-920 (@ 3.8GHz) and two 5970s drawing 527W under 3DMark06.
    A 527W load would only stress an 850W PSU to ~60%, so based on that I'd say that 5970 Crossfire would be fine on a high quality 850W PSU.

    Guru3D recommends (strangely) a 1KW PSU with 70A on the +12V rail(s), which most 850W PSUs have nowadays, including the ADATA HM 850W unit.
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