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I asked this awhile back but it's about that time again. Trying to WvW in GW2, and of course streaming has told me it's obviously time for my to upgrade. My CPU of choice is very much likely to be the 2500K, but I was wondering what mobo y'all would suggest? I only -need- one video card slot. I currently have a 560Ti. Sometime down the line I might do SLI but it's likely I'd upgrade to a 670 or something before I bought another 560 to SLI 'em.

http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/43e7ab6d#/43e7ab6d/29 Not sure if the link works - MicroCenter is doing their usual "$50 discount when you pair a mobo/CPU."

I currently have 1333 RAM and a 560Ti. Outside of that I don't really have any requirements. Having atleast one normal PCI slot would be nice, but far from a requirement.

(P.S. Do y'all think I should focus on upgrading my video card soon? It never really gets hot or even stresses but I wonder if it'd make for much smoother gameplay on 1080.

Edit: Oh wow just saw the 670 runs $400 on sale. Never mind on that for now. Would an SLI 560 run well? I mean another 560 is only $170 and I really only upgrade comps every few years or when I can afford it.

Right now I run ~60FPS in WoW @ Max with 16x, sometimes it dips down (A lot of times) And around 30 in GW2 but it seems locked to 30 for whatever reason. But it gets hella choppy in huge events.

I assume a lot of this is the processor because mine is terrible, but not sure if the video card is hurting it. Since I know the Extreme3 Gen 4 (I think?) has SLI capabilities, and is only $20 more than the Gen3.

Edit 2: I also see the 3570K (I think it was) is only $20 more then the 2500K. I've been following the 2500K religiously for along time, and didn't follow 3rd gen at all - How is it panning out?
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  1. I would look at the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 as the board for both since you are not looking for SLI or Xfire or extreme overclocking. I also would go with the Intel Core i5-3570K over the Intel Core i5-2500K since it will give you PCI-E 3.0 for the future.
  2. I actually completely forgot the IBs give 3.0 feature ~ Will the 3.0 do anything for my 560Ti? I'm kind of trying to do this as cheap as possible but I fear the 560 just limiting my PC hard-core, even though currently, as I said, it never maxes out.
  3. The 2500K doesn't have the $50 off the mobo discount. They stopped that, but it works for the 3570K. PCIe 3 won't do a thing for your 560 Ti, but you do get native USB 3, slightly better power consumption, and slightly better performance. The Extreme 4 and 3570K will be about $275, which is a great deal.
  4. That is a great deal and is the one I'm going to go with. I found out I can OC the Extreme4Gen3 and the 3570 to 4.5 if I need too on my current air cooler no problem. So I appreciate the help! Thanks.
  5. Sorry one more thing - http://www.microcenter.com/product/387554/Z77_Extreme4_LGA_1155_Z77_ATX_Intel_Motherboard Is this the Extreme 4 y'all recommend? I see MC is selling 3, and I also see this one has 2 video card slots.

    Which kind of brings me to my next point - What kind of performance increase would I see with dual 560Ti's? I'm wondering since ATM my 560 is never maxed out, what would another even do.
  6. The Extreme 5 gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Quality caps, supports SLI/CFX, Dr. Debug, etc. What games do you play, and what res.?
  7. I play WoW/GW2 ATM then a lot of random games like LoL and Skyrim etc. My comp shoots down in quality in a high-end PvP match or raid on WoW (Like 10FPS. I guess I got spoiled by 60 constantly) and in GW2 I go average 30, and go to 1-2 in huge PvP. All in 1080 since I only use my monitor now. So far my shopping cart is the 3570K, The Extreme4, and the
    SSD since it looks REALLY good for it's price. Now my 560Ti will be my bottleneck.

    EDIT: I also Stream or record a lot of these games. Which on my current PC just kills it due to my Q8300 CPU.
  8. The SSD is pretty unreliable. Spend a bit more and get the Crucial M4 or Samsung 830 which are reliable and stable.
  9. I ended up getting the 830 actually. After hearing A LOT of people question the Agility 3 I backed out on it. Luckily the 830 was also on sale, so only $15 more. I don't have an install kit for it sadly since I didn't realize it needed one but I'm excited to install it. Thanks for your help.
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