GPU or CPU/MB upgrade?


Upgrading my rig which is posted below. I am thinking of spending about 300-400 dollars on upgrades. Now I have basically narrowed my options down to GPU and CPU. Which would you guys suggest out of the two, and please let me know why. (Which would overall give more performance boost.

This rig is strictly for gaming. ^_~ ( BF3, Tera, GW2, any other MMO, FPS, or RPGs in the future)


totals to just over $300 at microcenter.

This would obviously give me a good boost and future proof my rig, however soon I am thinking the 1155 socket is going to be going out the window for a new line.

My 2nd option would be to keep what I have and get the new and amazing GTX 670.

etc etc basically any decent branded GPU 670 all ranging from $400-$440
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  1. oh Monitor is a 55 inch LED TV I am Using.
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    Definitely a gpu upgrade.

    I recommend GTX670.
  3. You can't "future proof" ANY build. Also, games don't use as much CPU as GPU... your GPU would still be bottlenecked with the CPU you have. Also, all sockets are only available for about two years (tick and a tock). You won't be able to put Haswell in. Anyway, I'd suggest a GPU upgrade.
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  5. sounds good thx for the advice!
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