Gamingish rig, no budget, final stage before build

ok, so these are the preliminary specs/thoughts on my upcoming build which i will be starting within a week. let me know what you think please or if you can see any glaring errors. thanks in advance yall

Power Supply- Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-750 OR an older 550W power supply I have, not sure yet
Motherboard - Asus M4A79T DELUXE
GPU - 2 ATI Radeon 5770 Crossfired
RAM - needs to be upgraded from ddr2 to ddr3, any cheap sticks that are compatible? probably only need 1gb in total so 2 512 sticks
CPU - AMD Sempron 140

i don't have to worry about a hdd as i will be running linux off a usb drive.
also, i don't care where i get the parts from as long as the site is reputable.
please let me know if everything should be compatible
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  1. I would swap the 5770s for one Radeon 7850.
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    ^Agreed. ASUS is good, MSI, Sapphire, and EVGA are great as well.

    Are you sure you can game on Linux?

    No one even sells 512MB sticks of RAM anymore! The least you'd get is 2GB.

    Overall, it's very strange that your build would have a great GPU while having a Rasberry Pi-ish build otherwise. Are you sure you don't want Windows? No offense, but your build can't game, even with a 690.
  3. Sorry, perhaps the title was a bit misleading, right now this is not going to be used for gaming, eventually I'm going to upgrade everything so that it games well but for the current point in time this is not going to be used for gaming.
    Well the RAM shows you how long it's been since I last shopped for new hardware haha. I just need this rig to have a great (or at least good) GPU and the rest will come over time. Thanks.
  4. I think you should go the other route, if you are looking at a Linux box that might run windows someday.

    Go for memory and processort at first. Then when you want to game use that as the basis for a good GPU upgade.

    Getting a half-assed build with a lot of money dumped into a GPU just isnt going to get you anywhere. Perhaps you could do something like this for a very happy linux build:

    i5 Ivy Bridge w/ onboard gfx (for Linux)
    8Gb RAM

    hen when you want to upgrade for gaming it is all about tossing in a single card and you are good to go. Going GPU first for linux then everything else is a bit backwards.

  5. ^ +1
  6. I mean it totally makes sense what you're saying, but my plan was to use this as a bitcoin mining rig just until I have enough to upgrade everything else which is why I want to start off with the good GPU. But what you said makes 100% sense
  7. since you said it is a build with no bugdet i would suggest a build like this

    CPU - Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz
    Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77 WS LGA 1155 Intel Z77
    GPU - MSI R7950-2PMD3GD5/OC Radeon HD 7950 3GB
    RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM

    For the total of $1,259.94 but i would also suggest getting Windows and a SSD to hold it so you can actually game as Linux any and all flavors of it do not play games as well as windows since they are usually made for windows.
  8. I would love a 7950 but I'll be more than happy with an overclocked 7850, maybe a second one to crossfire within a month or two, they would fly. If I wanted an intel cpu I would love the i7 but this build is ATI/AMD all the way. The motherboard may get switched in though, we'll see.
  9. OH, you want it for bitcoin mining? I don't know much about how much CPU/RAM it uses, but I know the basics. I also know that you're not going to get much... all of the stuff left is dominated by builds with multiple extremely high-end GPUs. I honestly don't think you'd make anything with bitcoin mining at this point. I'd try for at least a 690 ($1,000) if you wanted to go that route.
  10. Sorry to hijack, but what is bitcoin mining?
  11. I'm part of a pool so I should be able to get some, and it's only a temporary thing to keep the parts busy until I get everything I need for an actual gaming system. I've built a nice rig with a couple friends before so I know how to successfully mine, we have 4 7970's crossfired which is pretty damn sweet, but unfortunately I can't take one of them for my own rig. Oh well, first world problems I suppose
  12. It's processing data for money.

    Also, I guess that makes sense with your current situation.
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