Bootmgr is compressed windows 7 fix without cd

"bootmgr is compressed" at startup. I compressed my hd because I was SERIOUSLY low on disk space. Now I can't reboot................HELP
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  1. >Remove your hard disk from your PC
    Watch this tutorial of you don't know how to (
    Note: If your PC is a branded one (HP, DELL etc) then doing so will void your warranty
    >After safely removing the hard disk, connect it to another desktop PC either internally or using a dock
    >Turn the PC on which you just inserted the Hard disk
    >Goto "My Computer"
    >Right click the drive you inserted and then click properties and un tick "Compress drive to save disk space"
    >Turn the PC off
    >Remove hard disk and insert into your PC
    It should boot normally
    Reply if this solves the issue or if you encounter any other problems
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