Anyone know if via VT6421 can boot hdds?

i have an older system that i want to put a ssd on however dont want to go to the more expensive pata ssd route. looking to add a pci --> sata adapter to the comp.

anyone know if something like this will be able to boot from a ssd attached to it?
i know some controller cards like this one doesnt.
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  1. theres no point in adding a pci sata adapter as the pci bus cannot even com close to handling the speed of a sata drive.

    You might as well just use one of these for half the cost.
  2. well in general the computer wont be able to handle sata speeds. best is ide speeds. probably need something like this although there is a rosewill one too at newegg
  3. why are you answering your own question? trying to make one of your accounts look good? Gonna give yourself best answer?

    Well you fubar'd that up didn't you. \\ Noobs.

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