Upgrading nVidia GT 220x, max $200

Hey guys,
I've got a GT 220x card that came with my old pc, and I moved it to my new one. The problem is, it's struggling with BF3,
and it's become tedious even playing it on the lowest resolution, with the lowest details. I haven't had this issue with GTA IV nor have I had this problem with MW2. Are there any recommendations for a 21' screen, at 1600 x 900 for games like BF3?
I'm trying to stay in a budget, so please don't throw up a card that's like a thousand dollars.

I know a part of my crappy performance is my i3 processor with 2 physical, 4 virtual cores, which I'll be upgrading to an i5 or i7.
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  1. LOL, great thing you're upgrading. Anyway, it primarily depends on your other components (power supply, motherboard, case). Firstly, what is the max length video card for your case? And what kind of and how much watts does your PSU support?
    If you take all these things into consideration, you should be half-way to answering your question. Secondly, what graphics setting will you want to be playing at? Let's just say high details. Okay. If so, then you can get a decent Radeon 6850 for around $150-160. This should power all your games at that resolution at high details. A 400w PSU for this card should be enough. If you also plan to upgrade your CPU, then a bigger PSU is needed, maybe a 500w.
    lastly, what is your motherboard socket, is it an LGA 1155 or later? If it is the socket mentioned, then a Core i3 2120 should be more than enough, it shouldnt bottleneck the 6850 at all. You can obtain this CPU for about $125.
    I hope i at least semi-helped your question :)
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