"No video signal" question

Hi, I have read the "read before you post" posts in detail and to my dismay they did not solve my problem.

my build is as follows:
560gtx ti
p67 mobo
8gb (2x4) ddr3 ram @ 1866
seasonic x series 650 watt power supply

I built my PC 6 months ago. It has been running without a single problem since then. the other day it froze without warning and upon trying to restart it, it would start windows and about 3 minutes in it would freeze. tried running safe-mode, encountered the same issue.
At one point, when i had a 2-3 min window to try to see if could find anything abnormal, I opened up cpuz and saw that my ram was running at about 500mhz. Without consulting anyone, I assumed it was the ram.
While waiting for my new ram, I realized that I had an entirely new problem, no video signal.
I put the 560gtx in an older build of mine and it worked fine, so ive taken that out of the equation.
In short, my question is if there is a way someone could tell if this is an issue with the motherboard or the cpu? I was thinking Motherboard, but I am entirely unsure.
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  1. Could be motherboard or power supply.
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