Computer wont boot after failed wireless card installation

Hey guys,

I just bought a tp-link wireless pci-e card, I downloaded the driver off the tp-link website went to install it once it went to search for the card my computer froze. I left it for about 4 minutes until i decided to restart but this is when it got locked at the bios homepage and wouldn't proceed. Normally if anything like this happens i just reset my bio which typically fixes the problem , which I did.

From there it got worse it wouldnt load anything instead would do a triple beep then just idle with nothing coming up on the screen. What the heck is going on with my computer?

Motherboard - Foxconn A78AX-K
CPU - AMD Phenom 8650
RAM - OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 4GB DC
GFX - Galaxy GTS 250 512mb DDR3

Im really confused as to what has happened.
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    A triple beep during post indicates a memory issue. Check to ensure all memory modules are firmly in place and locked down. If they are, pull one of the ram modules and attempt to restart. Then try with other module. See if you get anywhere that way.
    good luck
  2. Hey worked like a charm, I had an inclining in the past it was gonna die as it would occasionlly register only 2gb. Didnt cross my mind today to check. Thanks a bunch! <3

    Im running windows 7 x64 which recommends 4gb, will 2gb be fine for everyday stuff like music, videos and web browsing excluding gaming of course?
  3. Microsoft says a minimum of 2 GB is needed for Win 7 64. I would not be surprised to to see a lot of buffering issues and general lag using only 2GB. You should be able to run it but I would expect to see a performance hit. But if you had 2GB showing before... maybe no performance loss.
    At $50-80 for a 4GB kit for DDR2 800MHz or 1066MHz ram, I think it is a little expensive or I'd recommend replacement - but it might be an option you can explore. See what you think using the 2GB, get a 4GB kit if you aren't happy.
  4. I just checked out the ram prices at my local shop to see it will cost about $80-100 for some new 4gb dual channel 800mhz (New Zealand ): ) so I can see myself just turning it into a fileserver using a unix os probably ubuntu. I have become to enjoy the easiness of using laptop which someone has given me. Thanks for the advice though.
  5. Well my computer doesnt seem to register the tp-link wireless card since i have restarted my pc, ram is working fine still and have re-connected the card to the board but still nothing. How can i test if its my computer or the tp-link card or my motherboard?
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