First build ~$1000 how does it look?

Okay so this is my first build, I've done some research think I have found most of the parts and have decided to build it myself rather then use cyberpower or anything like that to be more familiar with the computer in case something goes wrong. anyway the only thing im not sure on is the MOBO which i think I might be spending a bit too much on. also I might be interested in getting a second graphics card later on.

Case: NZXT phantom
PSU: corsair 750 w
graphics: sapphire AMD 7850
CPU: intel I5-3570K
HDD: seagate 1tb 7200 rpm
MOBO: asus sabertooth z77
Ram: 8gb corsair vengeance


I just want to make sure everything is compatible. If possible I would like to get the build closer to $1000 and I know the first thing most people will look to cut costs on is the case, But I am fairly fond of the case and I think the space and simple setup will be good since this is my first build. So if there is anywhere I am overspending or any parts that are overkill please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated =)
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  1. I have actually swapped out the MOBO for this one... gigabyte z77x ud3h after some more research]
  2. All of your links are dead... the item has been "deactivated". Anyway, I'm not going to touch the case (it's got great aesthetics). What are you going to use this computer for?

    Anyway, here's what I think.

    PSU: What rating? Seems fine, you may be overspending. Also, you'd be fine with a 650W.

    GPU: Sapphire's great, but I like MSI more. ASUS is good as well. If you have extra, try (oh so hard) to get at least a 7870, or even harder to get a 670. A 680 would set you up for a great build.

    CPU: Here's where you can shave money and actually get better performance. Get an i5-2500k. It's actually better than IB, and costs about $50 less.

    HDD: Fine... if you can, try to get a 64GB Crucial M4 SSD boot drive as well.

    Mobo: I'm sure you're overspending. Get an ASRock Z77 Extreme4. It's great.

    RAM: Make sure it's DDR3-1600 CAS9
  3. If your motherboard has a chassis 3.0 port you may want to get a case that has usb 3.0 in the chasses. It comes in handy.
  4. Or you could get an extension cable >.>
  5. Sorry about the links being dead thats kind of weird. anyway im using it for some gaming and video use nothing to crazy as of now but could be more intensive gaming in the future.

    I believe the PSU is 80 + bronze, also with 650W be okay for crossfire/SLI?

    with the cpu, i was planning on the i52500k for a long time before the ivy bridge game out, I just kind of figured that the ivy bridge processors would be better so I just kind of naturally upgraded it.

    I may try to get a SSD for a boot drive in the future

    I will certainly look into that motherboard

    I think a gtx 680 is a little out of reach I may be able to manage a 7870 however

    also if anyone has a nice looking, cheap case with a simple setup I will certainly look at them.

    thanks for the feedback
  6. 750W would be better for Crossfire/SLI. You're fine, there.

    Ivy Bridge is worse for overclocking. You ARE overclocking, right? Just go with i5-2500k.

    A 7870 would be great... both the 7850 and 7870 overclock fantastically.

    What are you looking for in a case? The aesthetics of an NZXT Phantom or the aesthetics of... like, a Fractal R3? LEDs? Minimalist? Cable management? Smooth? Matte?
  7. I am planning on working into overclocking yes, As of now I really do not know much about it but eventually I want to overclock yes.

    and I think I will try to get the 787-

    as far as the case goes I love the aesthetis of the phantom, and I also like the space and simple set up on the inside and the cable management looks quite user friendly on the back side( even has loops for zip ties)

    I am taking most of this info off of watching both the unboxing video on newegg, and the "how to build a computer" video on newegg where they used a corsair obsidian case and this case has many of the same features with a much better look for 40$ cheaper
  8. Don't compare brands like that. Corsair has great cable management... I'd look at some reviews on Youtube of your specific case. I don't know about cases with that look, though.
  9. I was certainly intending on getting the corsair case while watching those videos, unfortunately the price tag on it is quite high
  10. i would jump the 10$ to get a tier 1 seasonic x 750w psu(plus a silver>gold certification)

    or the silencer 910w with 7 years warranty for 150$(its actually 5 years, but thats a long time regardless)

    you are also missing a dvd drive but that can be fixed with something like this

    tbh, if a cost needs to be cut, its the cpu/mobo/case mostly. an i5-2500k + similar mobo i think would be cheaper
  11. Okay thanks alot^ i definitely will make that swap with the power supply
  12. Yeah, I actually really like PC power and cooling... but they're not modular. Seasonic would be nice. Just keep in mind that the difference between bronze and gold rated PSUs isn't all that large. It's really not. I mean, if possible, go higher, but it's not worth $50 imo
  13. of course the certification range isn't as much of a difference, its just the seasonic x family is a solid line for this price range, and at 10$ it shouldn't hurt much.
  14. Yeah, you're right.
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