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i have laptop @ i've buy it brand new 2 years ago iupgrade to win7 ultimate from win vista home premium..the problem is its always stop in the middle of installation,so i've stop @try to install the vista ...@ its finish the installation..@ i've done it twice ..i have no choice but to install the vista agin ,,help me if theres a lock or code ,,how to remove it...tnx
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  1. alan_1769 said:
    help me if theres a lock or code ,,how to remove it...tnx

    I don't see why'd you even mention this unless you were trying to install pirated copies. That said, you're probably SOL.
  2. usually when you do a OS install you overlap the previous OS so you are SOL on this sorry
    but to get back to the previous do a full back up of your users folder and write/type up all the names of your programs and put all of that onto a removable media i will suggest a external hard drive. After doing this do a full format of the internal drive and reinstall windows vista home premium. Once Windows Vista Home Premium is on the drive copy over all the files you want on the drive again and reinstall all the programs which you want to use still.
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