PCIe male to molex 4 pin female adapter

Does anyone know where I can get an adapter that is PCIe male on one end, and molex 4 pin female on the other?
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. However the male end needs to be a six pin PCIe connector.
  2. OH, sorry. I misread male and female. scout's right, and you'll need two Molexes.
  3. Thanks scout_03. However I actually need the reverse of this cable. One end needs to be a 6 pin PCIe male connector, and the other end needs to be a 4 pin molex female connector.
  4. what you want to connect with this cable
  5. It is a for a VisionTek graphics card power supply. I suspect it is to allow it to detect when the computer power supply is energized and thus turn it on.
  6. link me to that product
  7. you should have all the cable in the box one from power supply to this and the other to the graphic card,what is the conector that goes in this
  8. It came with all the cables except this one. I think they expected the computer power supply to have a molex female connector but all it has is a PCIe connector. Thus I need a cable that has one end with a 6 pin PCIe male connector, and the other end with a 4 pin molex female connector.
  9. could you post a picture of the back with the connector of this visiontek
  10. The image is on newegg.

    Looks similar to the FSP booster.

    In that case, you just connect up a 4 pin molex from the main power supply. It just tells this one when to switch on.

    It does not need to go from PCI-E to molex. In fact PCI-E can only give 12 volts. Molex(4 pin) has 12 and 5 volts.
  11. It is the one on the left.
  12. nukemaster, I don't have a molex from the main power supply, only PCIe. That is why I am looking for an adapter.
  13. does you psu got molex conector or sata only
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    You main power supply lacks any molex connectors?

    I am not sure if the power supply uses the 12 or 5 volt rail to activate its relay.

    If you have spare SATA, they make a SATA to molex
  15. You need to get the MANUAL for this product. I found the site, but not the manual.

    There's no reason to use that MOLEX adapter from what I can tell. You should simply be using one of the TWO 6-pin or TWO 8-pins.

    3-page article:
  16. The molex or other power source from the main power supply is needed as it acts as the ON switch for the other(video) power supply. Without it, the power supply would power the video cards even when the system was off.

    deltavee, What is the make/model of your main power supply?
  17. Delta Electronics, Inc DPS350VBC

    nukemaster, that was brilliant. It does have an SATA connector, so the SATA 15 Pin male to Molex 4 pin female adapter you linked from newegg should work for this. Thanks for the help.
  18. Just make sure you have room because that adapter is bulky.
  19. I bought the sata adapter and a 6" molex extension cable because it was going to be a tight fit. Fired it up this evening, loaded the latest driver and it all works great. Thanks for everyone's help.
  20. Glad you got it going.

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