Graphics card issues

Hey guys

When running games such as battlefield 3 and starcraft 2 my computer keeps locking up, several times the application will exit and a driver error comes up saying the drivers have crashed. Also several times my displays ( 2 displays) have gone black for several seconds before returning to the game.

My graphics card is a Gainward gtx 570 goes like hell and i have had this problems when the card is running at stock clocks (800mhz core). I have updated the drivers to the newest, and have also completely reinstalled the drivers using drive cleaner to remove them.

I ran a few tests as well to try and work out the problem. I ran starcraft 2 with msi afterburner running on my second monitor, there was no heat issues or anything like that. my monitor went blank about 5 times in one game, an interesting point is that at one stage the ui came up saying you have run out of graphics memory which didnt make sense as i was only using about 700mb.

2x 1920x1080 display

i7 2600k 4.6ghz
16gb corsair xms ram
corsair 1050 watt psu
asus p67 pro 1155

Anyone got an idea what my problem is, i need to try taking the card out and inspect it but seeing as it works completely fine when in windows and plays games for at least a few minutes without a problem.

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