GTX280 + Thermaltake 450w PSU, read!

Hey guys, i know, im new here, but i usually read many post.

I'm just wondering how my gtx 280 can work at full load without any freeze or crash, i have an Thermaltake 450W with 29AMP Max out on the12v rails.

12v1 14A
12v2 15A

My setup is:

i3-2100, stock fan
2x4gb cosair DDR3 (1333mhz)
Asus P8H61-M LX
eVGA SSC2 GTX 280 (1gb) / stock (648gpu/1161memory)
2 HDD (WD 2TB,320gb)
4 USB on use
8cm FAN x2 (4 in total, the power supply have 2)
1920x1080p led monitor.

Suposedly, the gtx280 requires 40A (can't find official sources, just forum posts), and I'm pretty sure my current PSU does not meet the 40A mark. Here's my Aida/Everest report, stating the power comsuption.


FULL USE (100% fan, 99%gpu,890mb)


59.27A (sorry about that)

I ran a few benchmarks and everything seems fine, Windows experiencie, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 06 (benchmark), Cinebench GPU/CPU, Passmark, everything. The PSU does not overheat at all.

My question is, how can this be? my PSU shouldn't be able to handle it, where is it getting the required power to run?

Hope can you help me here guys!

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  1. The GTX280 has a TDP of around 236w. (12v x 14A)+(12v x 15A) = 348w.
    Thats's the power for the CPU, GPU and other components which explains how you can run it. The 40A thing is just a recommendation for optimal performance.
  2. The 59AMP reading on the GPU VRM is how many amps at the GPU voltage of 1.188v etc.. not at 12v

    And some of those Thermaltake 430/450w units are actually 550w units
  3. Hi guys! sorry for writting in this very old post. I just want to say that my PSU never blow up and the gtx 280 was fine all the time.

    How is that possible? my PSU is fine today, we should redefine all the gpu power consumption (?)

    PS: I tried even with a 3570k + gtx 280.

    Thank you all!
  4. GTX 280 is rated at 236W
    Core i3 2100 TDP is 65W
    Allow 40W for other components
    Total = 355W
    Most of this is on the +12V rail, so up to 30A on the combined +12V rails.
    Rating on your power supply is 29A
    You are running the power supply at its absolute limit.
    Not only that but Thermaltake make garbage power supplies.
    I guess you got lucky, 99 out of 100 other power supplies off the same production line would have died long ago.
    You really want a better quality supply rated at least 37A on the +12V rail to stay under 80% of rated capacity.
  5. Haha I know, just lucky, the most crazy of this, is the PSU, have a maximum of 23A in the +12v rails.
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