Black screen/Boot failure after display driver installation [HD6950]

Issue Solved, card was overheating.

Specs first:
-Windows 7 ultimate
-i5 2500k @ 3.3Ghz
-Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3 Mobo
-XFX Radeon HD6950 Graphics card
-500GB HDD @ 7200 rpm
-Antec EA-650W-green PSU
-LG Flatron e2241 display
-Monitor plugged into the card, even though the Mobo has onboard graphics. I don't have a way to plug the monitor directly into the mobo and bypass the card.

I've had this rig for about 3 months, and everything has been peachy. A couple weeks ago, however, things went wrong. When I restarted, after the windows loading screen came up, instead of the login screen I got a plain black screen. The monitor still receives input - it doesn't go to standbye - but all peripherals stop working: keyboard lights go out, no mouse curser on screen, speakers get static indicative of being unplugged. Additionally, the case's front power/reset buttons either don't work at all or are unusually laggy - it's hit and miss, and it sometimes carries over to the next restart, meaning the keyboard is still out of commission for the BIOS on the next boot cycle. Safe mode is, of course, fine.

I'll cut to where I'm at right now. I've backed my stuff up through safe mode and hastily re-installed windows(I probs didn't have to, hindsight is 20/20 :( ). Everything is fine, the system reboots fine, until I go to grab the drivers for my graphics card. The driver installation prompts for a reboot. During re-startup, I get the same black-screen problem. Restoring to an earlier point fixes the issue, so I'm pretty sure that it IS the driver. The card works before the driver installation, Windows reads it as a generic VGA graphics adapter. I've tried getting the driver from both an included CD and from AMD's site, they both result in a black-screen on the first re-boot.

I've searched around and found some people with similar problems, some of which were solved by booting in low res mode. No dice, I booted into low res both before and after driver installation, it still black-screened. In addition, I've tried using every feature available on windows to auto-fix the problem; the only one that works is the restore, on account of it deleting the graphics drivers.

Is my card fried, or otherwise faulty? Or is this a case of the drivers interfering with another process? Can I check to see if it's receiving enough power? Can I find older versions of the drivers to check? I just want my baby back, man :'(

Note: AMD has since released a newer version of the drivers. The problem occured prior to this, and the new drivers have not made a difference.
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  1. I have the same syndrome as Edawgroe at.

    - Q6600
    - HD 6950
    - 8 GB RAM
    - 1T HDD
    - Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

    I installed to a new disk the windows 7 ultimate. Blank black screen after windows updates. The first boot I set up remote desktop and i can manage the system remotely. Unistall all the drivers, updates, hot fixs. Delete gpu from device manager. The first boot ok. After install windows the vga. The next boot black screen, only works with remote desktop. Reinstall all the drivers, windows updates. Only black screen and rdp. I try older whql and newest driver from, same black screen.

    This installation was a virgin, only the OS. I do not understand. Who has ideas? Before I used the machine for months, has not changed the hw or the sw.
  2. *bump*

    Having same problem here. I get to logon screen and sometimes it has black or distorted lines across the screen and when i log on the screen just goes black. It's very furstrating :/
  3. I took it into a shop, they've told me that the card is overheating. Solved I guess :(
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