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Hello, My hard drive failed and I checked everything. I tried to switch the sata port the sata drive was hooked up to on my motherboard and tried switching the sata power cable. It worked a few days ago. I could boot into windows and do everything, then It went to a screen that said windows startup repair or start windows regularly. I tried the startup repair but when it said it was succsesful it went to the same screen again. I tried to start up normaly, didn't work. Then tried system restore(not back up and restore). didn't work. Should I RMA to Hitachi or New Egg? And my hard drive is not being recognized at all by my bios not. Purchased on 5/6/12
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  1. It may be RMA. Is it working? Meaning... is it vibrating?
  2. Well, I do hear a few clicks (around 5-7 to be exact). You know the sound that it usually makes. then nothing.
  3. I mean that is does 5-7 static clicks then does nothing.
  4. What kind of clicks? Could they sound like a "dink" (if you know what i mean). Certain noises can be caused by different failures inside the drive itself.

    Have you tried a format and reinstall?
  5. The hard drive will not be recognized by bios. It WAS working but then it went to windows start up problems thing then I tried to system restore it but now it wont recognize the drive in the bios.
  6. And it sounds like what a hard drive should sound like originally, except the hard drive doesn't spin. just the head making the static noises.
  7. I haven't RMA'd too many new items; but I would expect newegg to have much better customer service and response times than the manufacturer, simply because they deal with a lot more customers, and are much more reliant on making sure you stay happy enough to use them for future purchases.
    The HDD mfg has a much smaller stake, you're already mad at them for the DOA anyway, they should still support you but it would probably be less smooth.
  8. I'd RMA with newegg too, you've had it less than 2 weeks and as Dj said it's likely you'll have a quicker response.
  9. It wasn't DOA. It worked then just died slowly.
  10. Would that be subject to a RMA?
  11. majorawsome said:
    Would that be subject to a RMA?

    Within 2 weeks of buying? I'd think so, though i'm from the UK so don't know how things stack in the US. Here in the UK, definately.
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    It falls under neweggs standard return policy (I assumed you have a DeskStar hdd, but most/all HDDs likely fall under this policy):

    Standard Return Policy

    Return for refund within: 30 days
    Return for replacement within: 30 days
    Restocking Fee: Yes

    This is our Standard Return Policy. Items covered by this policy (those products for which Newegg states "This item may be returned for a replacement or refund within 30 days only") must be returned to Newegg within 30 days of the invoice date for this policy to apply. “Return” constitutes receipt of the product by Newegg, and not the mere issuance of an RMA.

    You can return for a replacement, but you should file for your RMA today, and get it shipped early next week. If they don't receive it by June 5th, then they may reject the shipment and you will have to go through the manufacturer.

    You also have the option to take a refund (I have never heard anything good about Hitachi DeskStar drives, but that could be partly poor naming choice (aka "DeathStar")). You may have to pay a restocking fee (not sure, since it's broke, they may let you out of it), and I don't know what the %fee is; it may be worth considering if you regret having bought that brand. If you do take the refund, a WD Caviar Blue or Black are what I would recommend.
  13. I may just ask for a refund. Do I have to have the ORIGINAL packaging though? I thought I wouldn't need it so I recycled it. -_-
  14. Um. I believe you do.
  15. Can it be a box that looks exactly like it?
  16. I don't know if they'd be fooled :lol:

    Do you have the actual packaging for the HDD? Like the box you would see if you bought it at Best Buy or something? Did you only throw away the cardboard box it shipped in?
  17. Well It came in a big New egg box with all of the other parts then there was a smaller box which the hard drive came in. completly brown with bubble rap.
  18. So which one did you throw out?
  19. The one that contained the hard drive with the bubble rap... Maybe I can talk them into taking a different box because it is broken.
  20. Newegg will usually be pretty understanding
  21. Ok, Thanks fir the help!
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