HDMI to HD TV sound mysteriously gone

Radeon HD 6870
Sony Bravia 48 LCD

I doubt there is more information you need on my system but if there is i will be glad to provide it. About 3 weeks ago i started hooking my computer up to my HD tv through an HDMI cable from my video card through my stereo receiver to my TV. Worked great, sound and video were perfect for about a week then one morning it stopped working. I didn't install anything new, didn't update any drivers just stopped. I reinstalled my drivers no good, then i rolled them back to a previous version still no good. So i unhooked the receiver thinking it was bad and hooked it directly up to my TV it worked. Well i thought this was a fix and my receiver was just going bad so i left it like this.

About a week later, this morning, my sound stopped working again. If i hook speakers in those work. I did the same things as before rolled my drivers back, reinstalled the same ones that doesn't fix it. i swapped hdmi cables and ports on the back of my TV still doesn't work. When i go to the RealTek digital output properties and hit test the green bars show up like its electrically detecting sound but i still get nothing. I searched google and the forums but its such a long questions i really cant find anything pertinent to it. If anyone has any help or direction they can send me in i would greatly appreciate it. again if you need any additional information i will be more than happy to provide you with it.
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  1. Any guidance at all would be awesome. Or a place I could go look or post a question if no one here has any idea.
  2. Sounds like your tv is the prime suspect here..
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