How to upgrade CPU\'s in a Dell Inspiron 6000

I have a 2004 Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. I ran a system check on it with Norton. It told me that my CPU is running too slow and I need to upgrade it. Does anyone know the steps on how a person can do this? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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  1. hi there, firstly and foremost, you cannot upgrade a laptop's cpu or gpu. end of the line.
    you can only add rams or upgrade the hardisk of the laptops.
    only a high end gaming laptops such as ASUS, Alienware, MSI, can allow you to upgrade graphics card and cpu. that being said, the cpu in these laptops is already very powerful, so, no need an upgrade.
  2. Sorry Depp but you are incorrect. Laptops are sometimes not cpu upgradeable but not always.
    In the case of the Inspiron 6000 you will be able to use any Pentium "Dothan" 533FSB up to 2.26Ghz. The cpu is socketed.

    Be sure to clean the cooler and apply new thermal paste while you are in there.
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