BSOD after installing new Graphic Card (ATI HD6450)

My config:

MotherBoard : Intel D102GGC2
Processor : Pentium D 2.80
RAM : 2 sticks of 1 GB DDR2 333MHz
PSU : iball lpe223-400 (250W)
GPU : HIS AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6450 GPU 1GB DDR2 with FAN

OS : Windows 7 32bit 6.1.7600.16792

I am getting BSOD quite frequently ever since I have installed the new GPU, it has 4-5 times when playing Half Life 2, 3 times when I was browsing using Google Chrome (I have Hardware acceleration on) and some other instances. Whenever it has happened, GPU temp is not that much (40 C using SpeedFan).

Also when I tried to install GPU drivers, installer didn't detect my GPU, so I manually overide the installer to install the drivers.

Here are last 3 minidumps of crash
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  1. Your PSU, I don't think it's good enough...
  2. Thanks for reply. I know that PSU is most probable cause, but is it possible because of faulty GPU (its a recent purchase). Also if GPU needs more voltage, will underclocking it help the voltage requirement?
    My PSU has 17A on +12v, I thought that it can cope with HD6450, since this card doesn't require that much voltage. Also, the BSODs are increasing, there were no problems for first two days, does this mean that GPU is damaged somehow because of low voltage?
  3. I have uninstalled AMD Display driver, I think it is causing the problem.

    My GPU is not detected by Catalyst Installation Manager, so I force it to install the display driver by modifying a ini file to skip the check. Is there a better way to install drivers?
  4. there is a same blue screen error problem in my pc....this is my config
    intel DH55TC mother board
    techcom 450watt psu
    4gb ram zion
    500gb hdd
    sapphire ati radeon hd 6450 2gb ddr3
    windows 7 ultimate 64bit
    i updated bios version and graphics driver also...
    but the problem not solved
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