How much power does a gamepad consume?

I am planning to buy a gamepad but my PSU is not very good + I have a graphics card. Just wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a gamepad. Does anyone know how much power does an average PC gamepad consume? Is it a good idea to always unplug it if I am not playing any games?
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  1. Maximum power a USB can draw is 500ma... no idea how much that is in Watts since it can't be converted, but I don't think its much.
  2. 5 watts on usb 2.0. Reading from your other thread, you have an i3 and 6770? on a 600w cm psu. If so you got over 100w to spare. The psu is not good but it's not bad.
  3. thanks for the info, guys. I guess I'll have no problem if its always plugged on with my computer.
  4. USB ports are always powered, so its not like a USB gamepad is going to increase power draw any. And if 5W (USB2 spec) is enough to break the PSU, then you have other problems to worry about.
  5. sorry guys but usb2 is no different than usb1 = 5v @ 0.5a = 2.5w
    usb3 raises the bar to 0.9a = 4.5w
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