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May be a bug, unsure. Submit button wasn't working for a day or two when trying to reply to posts. Appear to have fixed it by updating Java and disabling AVG's 'Do not Track' Add-on. Problem appeared on several different machines and with different browsers, Operating Systems. Re-enabled the Add-on to see if fault woud re-appear, it didn't...The only items common to all four machines tried were Spybot and AVG, even tried different Routers and ISPs.

Meanwhile a question-how to mark a discussion as solved? Questions are obvious, but not so discussions...
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  1. Quote:
    I am having the same issue, the whole site seems to be bugged when trying to post anything..

    Tom's seems slow too.

    Perhaps the steps I took to 'cure' the problem were just pure coincidence then... unless you too have AVG 'Do not track' enabled and out-of-date Java...
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