Which would be better in a 1.4 AMD processor ?
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  1. PC2100 will be better. You should also get an AMD 760 based motherboard.
  2. Definitely PC2100. Or even PC2400.

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  3. Ok, so your saying I would notice a big diffrence ? Cause I was kinda wanting Gateway to build my PC cause I want someone to Blame if something gets messed up. They only offer pc133 and Compaq offers PC2100 But from what I hear Compaq Sucks. I guess I should Build my own ?
  4. If you think you can handle building your own, go that route. There is a definate performance increase with using DDR (Double Data Rate) memory instead of sdr. Instead of memory being transferred once per clock, it's transferred twice.

    Do you have any experience with putting computers together? First time I put one together I was extremely nervous, but it's surprisingly easy. The hardware is the easy part, it's the software and drivers that get tricky ;)
  5. NEVER EVER BUY A C******!!! EVER... they are EVIL!!! well unless you are buying a server... their laptops are evil and come with viruses stored in their cache... HONESTLY! nah but seriously a windows install lasts about 2 bootups before mashing up hard and linux doesnt go at all well with their laptop graphics cards... dont buy one unless you can sell it for more to some ignorant fool! all i can say is build your own... its the best way to go... cheaper and more choice over parts and they wont use some cheap ram...

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  6. Compare the two systems together in gaming and you'll see a difference. SDRAM is on it's way out- DDR is the future. If you buy a computer with a SDRAM board then your screwing yourself- your stuck with SDRAM for the rest of it's life. Get a machine with DDR support and you'll be able to upgrade to faster DDR SDRAM in the future.

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  7. It is better to built your own computer. You know what componnents you have and it will be a lot esaier when you upgrade OS. Most company only provide support to the OS come with the PC and many parts are built specifically for the manufacture. It is near impossible for you to find the driver. My friend had an Compaq computer and he want to upgade to Windows 2000 from Windows 98. He never get the Graphic card and modem work correctly in Windows 2000. He try the regular ati driver from ATI's web site and does not work correctly because The card is manufacture specifically for Compaq. Compaq does not support it since Compaq only support it with the Windows 98. He never find Windows 2000 driver for the modem.
  8. Get DDR.

    And FYI you would be able to use faster DDR in future, not only does no board support any faster then PC2100 at the moment, anything fast will use a PGA form factor similar to CPU's.

    I AM Canadian.
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