Strange error while idle freeze+purple/green-screen

Hi all seeking some help with an error I just got that disturbed me a little.

Computer's been on for at least a day without a restart and was watching the bureau of meteorology radar as it seemed like a storm was heading in. Got up and went to the toilet but when I came back the entire screen was garbled with purple/green lines and I couldn't find/see the cursor when moving the mouse and had to reset.

Here's the rig spec:
MB: G31m-s2l
CPU: e7300 o/c to 3.3GHz
RAM: 2xKingston PC2-6400
GFX: Gigabyte Gtx560 (Driver 296.10 latest)

Idle temps today are 46-48 for CPU and 40 for the GPU
and by today I mean it's a pretty hot day, standard CPU idle is around 43

I've tried to take care of this rig as best I can since it's my first o/c and have never had a problem until now, needless to say a purple/green screen made me nearly *** myself considering the high ambient temp, but on checking I can't see why the temps would have had anything to do with the error.

Please Help!? I don't want to burn the gfx card as it was roughly half the cost of the entire rig as you can see.

Thanks for your time - FD
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  1. How are you checking your temps? What was the temp under load? If your system has been on all day and it is hot there then it would stand to reason for your GPU to act up. Is it still doing this?

    Was this a one time thing? Or is it on everytime you boot? Get back to us and we will see if we can help.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply,


    I ran prime when I initially o/c'd for around 12 hours and Realtemp maxed at 68, that was a few months ago and have since not done much at all to toy with it.

    Since my original post I've dropped to 3.2 to see if it made a difference but since then have had two hard crashes exactly the same as before, one of those while writing this message.

    This rig has spent a fair amount of time being bombarded with games since it's build and I'm afraid the gpu may have just purely shat itself for the most part due to over-use, though I'm still hesitant to think a 4 month old gtx560 would just decide to up and die like that without a good reason.

    Is there anything else I should be checking for here?

    I'm really at a loss to figure this out and the p(urple)sod is really screwing up my zen thing

    Thanks again - FD
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    So we can rule out temps. You should do a stress test on your GPU but before you do that try rolling back your driver to one you know that your rig worked just fine. I had to do it on mine.

    Also check to see if your ram could be part of the problem. I will link you to the programs. First link is to find old drivers and the second link is check your ram test.

    The only way your GPU could be the problem would be because of it over heating. But for now lets check other stuff out first.
  4. Cheers for the rep again, stayed clear of the machine over st patricks day for obvious reasons :-)

    I think I've found out what's up, it appears those new nvidia drivers are giving a lot of people grief Here's a thread with pics on nvidia website...

    Downed it to 295.73 a few hours ago and haven't had an error since, pity I didn't check this earlier as I lost about 3 hours work in reason this morning from a crash and nearly threw it through the window, but hey, my dumb fault for not saving...

    Here's hoping it holds up and nvidia get their crap right before releasing another driver.

    Thanks again for the help, good to know I didn't break this thing with the o/c, was running so well for so long.

    - FD
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