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I am hoping someone can advise me please...

I need to upgrade my graphics card so I can play mmorpgs. I'm hoping to be able to get away with not upgrading the power supply or the mb, but I know how these things get bigger and break as soon as you start tampering. Best possible solution would be me being able to take out the old one and plug the new one straight in, and go play! I'm not sure how well I'd do trying to upgrade the psu and mb myself.

here's the specs of the machine:
motherboard: intel G945GTP (j3e1) PCI -E slot 0 in use, PCI-E slot 1 available PCI slot 2 available PCI slot 3 in use
Current card 256MB SAPPHIRE RADEON X300SE - Secondary (Sapphire/PCPartner)
(there's 2 cards)
currently running XP on Pentium D925, 2g ram, 244G HDD

No idea what the power supply is, but it is enough to run 2 of those cards.. is that enough info?
Finally, any recommendations for where to buy these parts online (I'm in Australia)
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  1. knowing what the make and wattage of your PSU is required to make any recommendation.
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