Going for change in graphic card

I have a amd 6770 graphic, and noe i want to change that i am considering EvgaGtx560 ti 2gb and upcoming amd7870 and Gtx 570 1.2gb .please suggest so that i can have a good gamming performance
my config:
600 w corsair psu
i5 2500
8gb corsair vengence
asus p8z68 pro
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  1. If you have the money I'd get either the 7870 if you need a card now (or in a couple days when it launches) as for the price is is pretty awesome, it preforms close to the gtx580 in many games. Or if you don't need a card right away I'd wait for the new kepler cards from nVidia to see how they preform and how much they cost, but when we'll get news is unclear.
  2. Yea, its really anoying, I have been telling people to wait for Kepler for Months. and it still hasn't been a officially confirmed that its gonna release next week. If its not out my 15th of april. i going to throw in the towel, for NVIDIA. Its really annoying to have something held up for so long and NEVER talk about it until it happens. I say a 570 for now. No use in getting a 580. since a 570 is just a little less than a 580. Thats if your going NVIDIA.

    AMD: 7970,7950, or 7870. (When the 7800 series?)
  3. 7800 series release on the 19th, and TH already has a review article on benchmarks from the paper release, so you can get a really good feel of how they'll preform. I'm the current owner of a 7950 and I can tell you that while it preforms and OCs like a champ, AMD drivers does have its problems.

    My recommendation would depend on what you're willing to put up with. if you have the standard 20-27" 1080p monitor, the 560ti with its very mature drivers etc should serve you well. the 7870 will preform way better than a 560ti, but you'll get the occasional weird crash out of the blue until they fix up the drivers. of course, if you ever plan on getting a 2nd card in the future for some 3-4 monitor eyefinity craziness, get the 7870, it'll have better availability a year down the road.
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