Hello i need ur help on processor...

I have a dell xps 8500 with dell 0yjpt1 motherboard and the processor are i5 ivy bridge 3450 3.1ghz and turbo boost at 3.3ghz factory...8gb of ram and also graphic card are gtx 550ti ... currently the i5 3450 ivy bridge are lga1155 ...and i want to upgrade too i7 2600k and maybe giev it to someone and overclock it for me to maybe 4.5ghz also lga1155 ... what i wondering are ... can my dell 0yjpt1 motherboard work with i7 lga1155 but overclock ??????

ps...if it work with my moboard...dont u think buying the 3770k and overclock it to 3.8ghz is better then 2600k 4.5ghz ??? sorry im a noobs
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  1. You will not be able to overclock with your motherboard. Also, overclocking settings are saved on the motherboard, hard to tell if you meant you would give the processor to someone to overclock or your whole tower. The processor you have now is perfectly fine for that setup and going to an i7 will give you no noticeable performance increase unless you are doing lots of multi-threaded applications (high end video editing, rendering, etc.) but for normal use and gaming there would be no major increase in performance.
  2. i checked a little and here is what i found on intel
    and is mutch more beter to buy the 3770k
  3. yogy said:
    i checked a little and here is what i found on intel
    and is mutch more beter to buy the 3770k

    The reason I say he will not be able to overclock is not related to the chipset the motherboard has, but rather the BIOS DeLL loads onto it, most likely there are no options for setting the cpu multiplier or other overclocking settings.
  4. that i didn't think about ,would dell be so unfaire ,maybe if he dose a bios update
  5. how do i just change and turn on turbo boost manuallty so my cpu alway running at 3.50ghz

    thank so much guys...man u guys are quick at replying..the thing is... people playing sim games like fsx and they got killer fps and video are like crystal clear....and i love it to play like this guy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8BxZJXk7iU << same spec and same lprocessor and i have twice as ram as him and bette rgraphic card...
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=151hgDGZq70 << same spec same processory and twice as much ram and way way better graphic card then this guy
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArUVlYgjieI <<<<has same graphic card as me just a bit faster processor speed but his is 2nd and mine is 3rd so it shoudl perform the same...and i really want his graphic...

    ps. i might just update to i7 core 3770k just to use it 3.9ghz turbo boost and maybe ill build my own computer next month....
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp6SEQB_Kxg << this guy cheat a bit but damn still...
  7. yogy said:
    that i didn't think about ,would dell be so unfaire ,maybe if he dose a bios update

    It's not a matter of fairness so much as it is liability, if DeLL were to give users the options to overclock then they must include some notice of voiding the product warranty, since overclocking is essentially running components over specified limits, and therefore inherently more stressful on the components. A BIOS update for that motherboard will never include settings for overclocking. The only thing DeLL might do is offer some software that would basically enable turbo boost always on or a "game mode" setting that would do minor overclocking.
    See the best answer in this article for information on setting turbo boost to always on, more than likely you will have to go into BIOS and look for a setting, and if no such setting can be found then go into advanced power management and set your processor minimum state to 100% to trick it into thinking it is under load and enabling turbo boost.
    The graphics those guys are showing is pretty good, the last flight sim I used was Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight and on older hardware so as to what your hardware should be able to do I cannot say but you do have pretty good hardware. The trick might be using mods and turning up detail in certain areas and down in others. According to this a higher CPU clock speed is more beneficial than more processing cores, meaning the Core i7 would be less useful than getting a processor with a higher GHz rating.

    Hope that helps.
  8. well what i wanted to do is that i cant oc the 3450 that i have with my motherboard... lol so therefore on turbo boost to 3.5ghz and i would be happy...now how to though... i cant find the advance power management to trick it... man i want it to turn all the way on...
    well i take a thought and it seem like you are right about the prcoessor with ghz perform better then one with more core...so maybe i will get both higher i7 with better ghz... lol
  9. can i upgrade i7 3770k with the same motherboard use on my comuter ?? or i have to replace motherboard...as long as it lga1155 right ?
  10. You can upgrade to the i7 3770K and keep your motherboard.
    To get to advanced power management do the following:
    right click on the desktop -> personalize -> screen saver -> change power settings -> high performance -> change plan settings -> change advanced power settings -> processor power management -> minimum processor state -> plugged in = 100%
  11. Really though you don't need to upgrade or overclock. Even at 3.1 ghz the 550ti will be holding you back. Why not upgrade this to a 660ti or something instead of 200£+ into an i7 where you will see no gaming difference. Assuming ur psu can take it of course .
  12. the reason why i wanted to upgrade ti i7 3770k and turbo boost it in high performance and use it 3.9ghz to play the game and the 660ti is also for my computer and i wil use that for the graphic to look better... and maybe in the future i build my own computer with good mother board and stuff then i can reuse the i7 3770k and OC it ... and currently right now im leaning more toward the 7870 radeon... look much more badass and outperform the 660-ti
  13. can i just buy the i7 3770k unlock and use it rigth out the box...
  14. fsxnoobies said:
    can i just buy the i7 3770k unlock and use it rigth out the box...

    Probably not.
  15. i just put the i7 3770k in and it work perfectly without an issue....play the game FSX and got 60 fps at 1080p game...lol... graphic card are msi htx 660-ti and once again it holding me back lol..im getting asus v pro and oc i7 3770k to 4.6 or 4.7
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