Which G.Card is best in 4 GB ram?

Friends,Can anyone tell me which graphic card is best for my computer.Here,have my pc's conf.
AMD Phenom ii x2 560 black edition
4 GB RAM (ddr3)
500 GB hdd space
The price doesn't matter.
And please don't tell me to change anything else from my computer.
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  1. I would match that with GTX560TI or the coming out HD7850/70 depending on resolution though.
  2. There isn't one that's "best" for your computer. If you're just looking for the highest framerates and cost isn't an issue, get a pair of 7970s.
  3. What power supply & mobo & monitor resolution do you have - can't recommend anything till you give that info up.
    If you go to the Doctor do you say I have pain or do you tell him a few details????
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