Enough watts for crossfire?

im planning on adding a second hd6850 for crossfire to my build in the future but ill need a new psu. What i want to know is how many watts are enough for 2 hd6850s and maybe some room for overclocking my cpu.

i currently have:
AMD FX4100(plan on overclocking)
gigabyte radeon hd6850
g.skill 8gb 1600 ddr3 ram
WD caviar green 1tb
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  1. A decent branded 650W should be fine. make sure it has 4x PCIe power plugs
  2. other than corsair, what are some good brands?
  3. 650W would be a safe figure.
  4. Where are you buying from?

    Antec, Seasonic, XFX.
  5. im buying from newegg
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    This is the cheapest one that would be safe
  7. ok, I'll look into this one. Thanks!
  8. +1 to the Neo Eco as being sufficient...assuming that the HD6850 only requires one 6-pin PCIe power connector and that is the case for most stock clocked 6850s. Even Gigabyte's OCed Windforce HD 6850 - - only requires one 6-pin so the Neo Eco is good to go and good quality.
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