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My pc seems quiet on day to day use, but when playing Minecraft it begins to make alot of noise. I suspect it is the ram making this noise.

If not, any ideas what might be causing the problem?
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  1. Ram doesn't make noise.

    The noise is likely coming from your psu fan, cpu fan or gpu fan.

    Please list your components and your temps while playing games.
  2. Hello,

    Ram has no moving parts and does not make any noise.

    It sounds like either your CPU's fan is running faster, or maybe your GPU's fan is running faster. Or possibly both.

    What exact noise does it make? As long as it's not a "screech, clank, tinking" it should be fine....if you keep hearing a "whirr" sound - that's just the fans kicking into "high gear".
  3. +1 cpu or gpu fan
  4. if you have a nvidia video card you can use msi afterburner to turn the fan speed up and see if the sound is your video card. there may be a few free fan control programs out there the let to change your cpu fan speed to see if it the fan. one thing i would do on any build is see where your wires are in your case. sometime when a fan spins up it can pull a wire into it. good power supply today have fan speed on them...they dont turn on till the temp in the ps hit a set point.
  5. Right, thanks for all the replies.

    About my pc's specs, it was meant to be in my signature. This happenes every now and again. I will open msi afterburner and check if it is my GPU fan.

    My pc:
    I5-2500k @ 4.6GHz, Asus P8Z68-V Pro, Asus gtx580 Direct cuII, Corsair Vengence 8gb 1600mhz, Corsair AX850
  6. Definitely not the GPU fan (by the way it sounds like a hair-dryer at about 50% speed ).
    I opened up Hardware Monitor and it shows and increase in the cpu fans RPM as I launch minecraft. I must thank you all.

    It jumps from 615RPM to 915RPM when launching the game.
    Is the game entirely CPU rendered? I do not experience this problem with any other games I play.
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