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Hi all

I need some help. I just upgraded all my gear except for the graphics card as I don't play games.
My system boots when the graphics card isn't fitted (using the internal i7 graphics) but whenmy PCIE card is fitted all I get is a black screen.
The card is a Geforce 7950GX2 and it works on my other systems.
The Mobo is a Asus P8Z68 v lx.
I'm having to use the internal graphics and they struggle with video editing.
I checked in BIOS and tried changing the gpu mode but I get the same issue.

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  1. i m facing the same problem bro.....

    i m using nvidia 410 with i3 530.

    igp works even when gpu is seated on the mobo, but no o/p at the nvidia port.

    Very strange to find the same working on a friend's system in a go.
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